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As with all industries, roofing is a changing and evolving business. When something happens in the news you can find out about it here first! You’ll also find answers to common questions, plus browse through roofing related topics.

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Why Father Christmas Uses The ChimneyEver wondered why he comes down the chimney instead of using the door?

Ever wondered why Father Christmas comes down the chimney on Christmas eve, instead of going through the door? more

How Roof Slates and Tiles Are MadeFind out more about how your roof materials are made

It’s easy to take everything around us for granted, so enlighten yourself and find out more about how your roof materials are made! more

Is It Time For A New Roof?Or can you get away with patching and repairing?

Let's take a look at some of the signs to be on the look out for, and whether it means it's time to invest, or perhaps a patch may just do! more

7 Steps to a Well-Maintained Flat RoofCaring for your roof can pay dividends

So, you are the proud owner of a flat roof, and we’ve got some good news for you - you’ve made a great investment and with a little TLC your flat roof can last for 25 years or more before needing a major overhaul. more

Roof Showdown - Tiles .vs. Slates Which is right for your roof?

Do you know the difference between tiles and slates? more

A Day in the Life of a RooferIt’s dangerous work but someone has to do it

As you go about your day, you may notice the odd man or two crawling on a roof high above you more

Making Your Chimney Santa-ReadyIs your chimney prepared for his Christmas Eve entrance

So, Christmas is around the corner – how ready are you? Cards written, presents wrapped, party gear planned – but what about your chimney? Is it Santa-ready? All those mince pies don’t help with his waist-line, so you need to make sure your chimney is well-prepared for his Christmas Eve entrance… more

How Safe Are You and Your Roof?Making sure your roof is safe and secure should be one of your top priorities

That feeling of being safe and secure is one of the most powerful in the world, so when that feeling is threatened it can be devastating. Your home is the one place when you should feel at your most protected, cocooned from the world and all it can throw at you. more

Is Your Roof Losing You Money?Your roof could be wasting your hard earned cash

Like most home owners, you’re probably conscious of not wasting money on unnecessary utility bills. You turn the heating down a couple of notches, you unplug all your chargers, you keep the doors closed – generally, you follow all the rules to lower the costs of running a home. more

Winter is Coming... How to Get Roof ReadyPreparing your roof could save you time, money and headaches

So you’ve stocked up the wood pile, the oil tank is full, and leaves litter the garden – it can mean only one thing; winter is on the way.

With the change of season your house is likely to come under attack from more extreme weather conditions, and your roof is particularly at risk. Spending time now preparing and protecting your roof could save you time, money and headaches, while helping to keep you warm and cosy all season long. more

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