7 Steps to a Well-Maintained Flat Roof

Caring for your roof can pay dividends

So, you are the proud owner of a flat roof, and we’ve got some good news for you - you’ve made a great investment and with a little TLC your flat roof can last for 25 years or more before needing a major overhaul.

But before you put your dancing shoes on and run out to celebrate here comes the dampener - you will need to put at least a little effort into caring for your roof, if you want to get the most wear out of it as possible. Time invested into a well-thought out care plan can reap rewards later on, as you’re a lot less likely to need expensive repairs.

And the even better news? We’ve made this task even easier! We’ve devised a comprehensive care plan – so all you have to do is sit down with your favourite cuppa, put your feet up and read on. Then, over the next few years, head outside and implement the steps we’ve laid out for you.

Step 1 - Schedules Maintenance

Schedule into your diary every spring and autumn a flat roof maintenance session. This will allow you to deal with any issues that have developed over the harsher months, plus prepare your roof for the weather conditions to come.

Step 2 - Spring Cleaning

During these twice-yearly sessions, give your roof a thorough check-over. Remove leaves, dirt and debris from the roof, gutters and drains. Try to avoid standing on the roof, as this can cause damage – unless it has been specifically designed to be stood on. Use a leaf blower or a long handled brush. If in doubt, call a professional with all the safety gear to do it for you. Cast an eye over for general wear and tear, looking out for ponding, splitting and blistering:

  • Ponding – standing pools of water where the roof dips.

  • Splitting – weather extremes, or heavy pressure, can cause the surface to split apart.

  • Blistering – trapped air between layers heats up and causes air pockets, which blister apart.

Step 3 - Cull the Creepers

Trim back any vegetation regularly that is threatening to crawl over your roof, or is in danger of breaking onto the roof and causing damage.

Step 4 - Storm Checks

After a storm, always check your roof for any damage and deal with it quickly.

Step 5 - Clear the Snow 

Waking up to a wonder winterland? Clear the snow off your flat roof as soon as you can. Not only is the white stuff a heavy pressure on your roof, but it can cause your roof to leak.

Step 6 - Growing Problems

Don’t procrastinate! If you see a small problem get it fixed immediately. Otherwise it will develop into an expensive big issue, that results in a big repair…

Step 7 - Reap the Rewards

Reap the rewards of a careful maintenance programme!

Follow this advice and your roof should last a good length of time before it either needs major repairs or re-roofing completely.

Remember never to take risks on ladders or roofs – it is always best to call in the professionals to do the hard work for you. After all, they are trained, insured, and have a good head for heights. Leaving you more time to put your feet up and enjoy that cuppa…

If you need some inspiration, or to arrange a free, no obligation quote, please get in touch with our expert team today.

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