Rejuvenating a Leaky Roof Terrace in Fulham, SW6

Another roof repair and transformation by Morgan Asphalte

Roof Renovations and Repairs in London: Morgan Asphalte's Expert Solutions

Morgan Asphalte, a leading name in professional roofing in London, recently undertook a significant roof renovation project on a roof terrace/balcony in Fulham, SW6, highlighting our expertise in handling complex roof repairs and renovations.

The project serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality roofing solutions, ensuring long-lasting durability and enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Rejuvenating a Leaky  Roof Terrace in Fulham, SW6

Initially, the client's roof terrace was plagued by several issues… Primarily, water ingress through the previously inadequate roof covering. The situation was aggravated by poorly installed coping stones on the parapet wall, which failed to prevent water seepage, further affecting the integrity of the structure.

Just to add to the woes, the existing timber decking on the roof terrace was rotting and compromised, exacerbating the problems with the overall roof covering.

Recognising the urgency of these issues, Morgan Asphalte was tasked with a comprehensive overhaul of the roof terrace to rectify the water problems and rejuvenate the space into a robust, functional and beatify space that could be used all year round.

Guaranteed Roofing Services by Morgan Asphalte

Morgan Asphalte commenced the project by meticulously stripping off the old and defective materials, which included the existing timber garden decking, patio tiling, and the defective roof covering.

Our professional roofing team’s first step was to lay down new mastic asphalt on all roof surfaces. Mastic asphalt is renowned for its durability and effectiveness in creating watertight surfaces, making it an ideal choice for roof renovations in London, particularly given the city’s hugely variable weather conditions.

To further enhance the roof's integrity and prevent future water ingress, Morgan Asphalte installed new lead cover flashings along the perimeter parapet and party walls.

 These additions not only contribute to the roof's functionality by directing water away from critical areas but also add to the overall aesthetic of the roof terrace.

The renovation also included our industry leading insurance-backed guarantee, offering the client peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected against future issues for years to come.

Creating a Beautiful ‘All Year Round’ Roof Terrace

Following the structural enhancements, Morgan Asphalte elevated the roof terrace's aesthetics and functionality by installing new porcelain paving slabs. These slabs were carefully positioned on cushioned spacer pads, a strategic choice to reduce noise transmission to the rooms below, thereby enhancing the living experience for the occupants.

Moreover, the parapet walls, which had previously suffered from significant water damage, were given extra protection. Morgan Asphalte addressed the inadequacies of the existing coping stones by forming a durable, high-performance elastomeric felt covering over them. This material choice is known for its resilience and effectiveness in protecting structures from water and environmental damage.

Morgan Asphalte: Your Go-To Experts for Roof Repairs in London

This project in Fulham is a prime example of how Morgan Asphalte addresses complex roofing challenges with precision and professional expertise. Whether it's a roof repair, roof renovation, or a new roof installation, Morgan Asphalte stands out as a trusted leader among professional roofers in London.

For anyone in need of reliable and high-quality roofing services, Morgan Asphalte offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that cater to all aspects of roofing needs. From the initial assessment and material selection to the final installation and finishing touches, our friendly team ensures each project is executed flawlessly, on time, in budget and with the utmost professionalism.

If you're looking for top-tier roofing services in London—be it for residential or commercial properties - look no further than Morgan Asphalte, where quality roofing solutions meets excellence in service every time.

Whether you need a new roof professionally installed or repairs or replacement for a damaged roof, we’re the people to call.

You can see examples of our work here, give us a call on 0800 998 1378 or get in touch with us and our friendly team be more than happy to help.

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