Replacing a Rotten Church Roof in Fulham SW6

Fixing severe roof leaks due to a collapsing roof

Replacing a Rotten Church Roof in Fulham, SW6

Morgan Asphalte were approached by the owners of the TREM Church in Fulham SW6, who were experiencing severe roof leaks due to a collapsing roof.

The timber substrate was rotten and collapsing, all of which had to be stripped-up and removed carefully from the premises by our team before we could start the rebuild.

Morgan Asphalte supplied and installed a new timber roof sub-structure, upgraded the insulation to meet Part L building regulations, added new roof lights and finished-off with a high performance built-up felt roofing system.

This Fulham church is now totally watertight and good as new. As with all of Morgan Asphalte's roofing services, this felt roof system comes with a long insurance backed guarantee for maximum peace of mind.

Whether you need a new roof installed on your property or repairs or replacement for a damaged roof, we’re the people to call.

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