Is It Time For A New Roof?

Or can you get away with patching and repairing?

We all show signs of age up top; humans start to go grey, whereas your roof has more subtle signs of aging. But are these indications that your roof is not the young whippersnapper it used to be enough to warrant a new roof, or can you get away with patching and repairing?

Let's take a look at some of the signs to be on the look out for, and whether it means it's time to invest, or perhaps a patch may just do!

Shelf Life

When you have a new roof fitted, it will generally come with a guarantee. The length of this is indicative of how long you should leave it before fully replacing it. After this date, your roof will really start to look it's age, as well as start to rapidly fall into decline. Delays in replacement at this point could lead to bigger issues down the line.

Looks Old and Worn

Has your roof got to that stage where a bit of Botox just won't cut it anymore? Has it had so many repairs it's starting to look like a jigsaw puzzle? Or does it stand out against the neighbours crowning glories as the shabbiest, dullest, sorry-looking roof around? At this stage, you're going to have to seriously consider going whole hog on a new roof before the rot sinks in with a vengeance.

Bald Patches Where Slates or Tiles Have Slipped or Fallen

After a spot of bad weather it's common to see a few slipped or missing slates. Act on it quickly by replacing or repairing and your existing roof will live to see another day. It's only when the bald patches start to overtake the clad areas that you know you are in trouble.

A Build Up of Algae

Those first few dark streaks are a warning sign that your ages roof is suffering from algae overload. Scrubbing with a mild bleach solution should keep them at bay. But if your roof starts to look darker and darker, algae is winning the war. Over time it may weaken your roof – a sure sign a new one is due soon.

Cracked or Damaged Slates

Slates and tiles crack – it happens. Over time a little damage creeps in here and there, but if it goes unnoticed, a little split eventually becomes a massive hole. If damage is outweighing the good bits, you may start to need thinking about that new roof.

Blocked Valleys

Blocked valleys are easily sorted; a little attention every now and then should  keep them clear. However, leave them blocked at your peril. If not cleared regularly this area will become compromised, leading to damage and missing parts. As an important aspect of yr roof for maintain the flow of rain and snow off your roof, this could lead to leaking. Too many leaks = new roof.

Damaged or Missing Flashing

Flashing around your chimney and the edges of your roof offers water tight protection to your roof. Any damage to your  flashing results in weakness and leaks, so get it fixed in a flash if you are not ready to invest in a new roof.

Daylight Through The Roof in the Attic

If you are up on the roof fixing an issue, and the boards feel spongy, get to ground quick. Check in the attic to see if daylight is coming through the boards; all of which are warning signs that your boards have been exposed to moisture. Damp boards will eventfully need replacing, if you don't want your roof to come crashing down around your ears.

So there you have it. By all means fix your roof (in fact, we recommend regular maintenance and repair to extend its life), but there really does come a time when there are more fixes than original roof. This is the time to admit defeat, and rejoice in a brand new roof coming your way.

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