Is Your Roof Losing You Money?

Your roof could be wasting your hard earned cash

Like most home owners, you’re probably conscious of not wasting money on unnecessary utility bills. You turn the heating down a couple of notches, you unplug all your chargers, you keep the doors closed – generally, you follow all the rules to lower the costs of running a home.

Yet if you don’t look after your roof, all this could be in vain. If not maintained properly, your roof is like a leaky cauldron, with heat seeping out of it over time, wasting your hard earned cash.

But the good news is – with a little preparation and regular upkeep, your roof and attic could help save money on the running costs of your whole house. Incorporating effective insulation with proper ventilation, while ensuring your roof is kept in good order, could save you over £200 a year.

Follow these tips to start seeing the savings stack up.

Install Loft Insulation

If you haven’t already got insulation installed, this is the number one job you can do to help save money. If you have insulation already, adding extra insulation at right angles to the previous layer can make a tremendous difference. This helps cover the joists and plug any air leaks, while increasing depth. 270mm of insulation is the recommended thickness for optimum effect.

Keep Loft Vents or Recessed Light Fixtures Clear of Insulation

Allow a three-inch clearance around chimneys and flue pipes. This prevents overheating by allowing air to circulate, and avoids the risk of fire.

Repair and Maintain Your Roof

Checking your roof regularly and dealing with any issues quickly stops gaps forming. Missing tiles or cracked mortar are all potential exit points for warm air.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

Although you want to keep the heat in, having adequate ventilation helps to prevent extremes of heat. At the same time, it promotes energy efficiency, while preventing the build-up of mould and moisture in the attic. Just by adding a ridge vent you can help keep the temperatures more stable.

Install a Loft Radiant Barrier

This works like a reflective sun shade, preventing the attic from warming up too much on a hot day. If you have air conditioning it helps to take the strain off the system, while in winter it helps stop heat from escaping, taking the pressure off the heating. There is also less expansion and contraction of the roof, which will aid the longevity of your roof.

Insulate the Attic Access.

The entrance to the attic should not be overlooked, as it can act as a massive air leak. Secure insulation to the back of the hatch or door, and use weather-stripping to seal the opening.

Insulation is an investment, but it should last for years, and pay for itself many times over. Heat rises, and a roof that is not looked after can lose up to 25% of your home’s heat. Use your roof and attic as a barrier to heat loss. If you are not sure it is worth it, imagine those ten pound notes drifting out of your attic and up into the sky – wouldn’t they be better off in your wallet?

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