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As with all industries, roofing is a changing and evolving business. When something happens in the news you can find out about it here first! You’ll also find answers to common questions, plus browse through roofing related topics.

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What’s Under Your Roof?Understanding how your roof is put together

Your roof is such a large part of your home, yet chances are you don’t give it more than a cursory glance every now and then. But when you roof has an issue, it can have a major impact on your life. So understanding a little bit about how your roof is put together could help you identify problem before they turn into catastrophes. more

The consequences of your flat roof collecting standing water

The design of a flat roof can sometimes prevent rain and precipitation water from draining properly, making standing water a common problem. There can be a host of reasons why ponds of water may appear on your roof after bouts of rain, so it’s important to know what remedial action to take if your property is suffering. This article will explain the consequences of your flat roof collecting standing water, so you know what signs to look out for to catch the problem before it escalates. more

How to avoid winter roofing issues

As the weather becomes cooler and the nights draw in, there’s no denying that the winter months are fast approaching. With this in mind, it’s important to prepare your property for the decrease in temperature and cold weather so it can withstand the elements and remain in top working order. The top tips featured in this article will discuss the types of issues which can arise from the decrease in temperature and cold weather, offering advice on how to solve these issues before they escalate into bigger, more costly problems. more

How to assess your roof after storm damage

Stormy weather can cause major damage to your property, with strong winds alone wreaking havoc with your roofing system. more

Why Your Roof Might Be Causing Dampness In Your Home

Dampness around the home can be a frustrating and confusing issue. Unfortunately, this can lead to quite significant problems over time. more

Gale Force Winds – How They Affect Your Home

The recent extreme weather seen across areas of South England and Wales saw widespread flooding devastate whole towns and communities. Much of the focus was on the rainfall, which was record breaking in its intensity.

However, problems were also caused by strong, often gale force, winds whipping the homes and commercial buildings in the area and beyond into the rest of the UK. Trees were uprooted, debris was thrown everywhere and the lives of people and livestock was put at risk. Even major sporting fixtures had to be cancelled, with Everton’s home tie against Crystal Palace called off when tiles and a chimney stack fell into nearby Goodison Road, and other materials were blown across the pitch. more

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