Time to Shine

Light Up Your Roof This Christmas

There’s something about Christmas that makes even the most mild-mannered individuals go a little crazy. Normally restrained people break out the lights and adorn their homes, turning them into Blackpool illuminations overnight.

Truth be told, that slight edge of wildness brings sparkle and excitement to many towns – who hasn’t bundled the kids in the car to do a tour of the best lit up homes (I’m ‘fessing up here – hand held high!)

So, if you’re one of those who just love to bring the light to your roof at Christmas, we’d thought we would give you a helping hand.

After all, it’s important to be safe, even in the excitement of the festive season.

Read on and your roof will be glittering with the glow of twinkling lights before the big man himself comes to visit.

Do Your Prep

You know how it is; you spend ages stringing the lights, only to turn them on and find out they don’t work. So, before you invest any time on your roof, make sure your lights and decorations are in good working order. Unravel them, plug them in, check for repairs and make sure they are fit for purpose.

Plan Your Display

Study your roof and decide where you want your lights to go. Take into account the aspect and the power points. Stand back, and try and visualise the overall effect. Remember to account for trees, overhanging appendages, windows, doors etc. Also, be influenced by ease of hanging – its much easier to use the guidelines of the eaves rather than to go off-piste across the roof.

Safe Electrics

Use a heavy duty and weatherproof electric cable, protected by a ground-fault circuit breaker. Place any sockets into weatherproof boxes, and make sure the circuit is rated to handle the total amperes. This also applies if you decide to use an automatic timer.

Hanging Points

To prevent damage to your roof, make sure you fix your hanging points to secure areas that can take the weight, rather than just fixing to a slate or tile. Wooden areas make good hanging areas.

Go Gently

Climbing on roofs when they are icy, or a gale is blowing, is obviously not acceptable, so choose your day carefully to get up on the slates. When on your roof, be aware of where you are standing, and use your ladders with care. If in doubt, get some expert help. Your roofing contractor will enjoy the challenge of stringing your Christmas lights!

The Big Switch-On

It’s always a little nerve-wracking as you wait to turn your lights on for the first time – will they still work? Fingers crossed!

Right Removal

When the last pine needle has been swept away, and the mince pies have finally been finished, it’s time to pack your Christmas lights. Take as much care taking them down as you did when erecting them – no pulling the end and hoping for the best.

Check nothing has been damaged on the roof; if it has – deal with it quickly before it becomes a big problem.

But of course, before they come down, enjoy them! Wow the crowds, and thrill the neighbours, but most of all love thy roof lights – after all, they only appear but once a year!


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Posted on 18 December 2017 in Roofing, News and tagged london roofing, roof.
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