The Tallest and Shortest Roofs

What is the tallest roof on any residential home around the world?

Now we all know there are a lot of very tall skyscrapers around, especially in Asia and UAE. Yet for us mere mortals these lofty buildings don’t mean much in the real world. Which got us thinking about the height of roofs on proper buildings, the one you and I live in. What is the tallest roof on any residential home around the world – and what is the shortest?

Read on to find out!

The Tallest Roofs...

Falcon Nest - Prescott, Arizona

This futuristic building is classed as a single family home, and although it may not look much like your standard two up, two down, it was indeed designed as a family home. This stunning home lords across the countryside, boasting spectacular views from its lofty height. Measured at 124 feet (37 metres) high, its currently considered the tallest true single family house in the world, with 10 floors all dedicated to family use.

Home of Mukesh Ambani - Mumbai, India

This 27 storey home sits sweetly at 173 metres/567 feet high, and is home to the fourth richest man in the world, Mukesh Ambani. However, it also contains a corporate facility so is a bit of a cheat on our tallest single family dwellings list. Nevertheless, the huge home houses a multitude of rooms solely for the family’s use, plus a range of leisure facilities, car park and a total of 3 helipads. One can never have enough helipads.

Sutyagin House - Arkhangelsk, Russia

Unfortunately, this wooden structure is no longer habitable, and has fallen into decay over recent years, but in its heyday in the nineties, it reached an impressive 144 feet/44 metres. Its height was a ‘happy accident’, as builder Nikolai Petrovich was not satisfied with the original two storeys. More and more storeys were added in an attempt to make it ‘look right’, until eventually he completed his home with an impressive 13 floors.

Treehouse - Crossville, Tennessee

11 years in the making, this imposing 10 storey high treehouse towers across the open countryside. Built by as a testament to God, Horace Burgess has even included a place of worship, as well as a basketball court and numerous living rooms connected by walkways. The tower on top offers commanding views, but unfortunately, it’s 60 feet higher than regulations allow, so Horace has had to let the property languish uninhabited.

The Shortest Roofs...

Finding short buildings is a little trickier, as most homes are built to standard height proportions to allow the average human to stand up. Here are our favourite two!

Thimble Hall - Youlgreave, Derbyshire

In days gone by, families of 8 lived in this tiny home. Not only is it only 3.6m by 3.1 m inside, it’s total height inside comes to 3.7m tall. To enter the front door, a normal sized person has to crouch. The top of the roof stands at an impressively short 13 metres.

Quay House - Conwy, Wales

This tiny building measuring 3 metres by 1.8 is certainly considered Great Britain’s, if not the world’s, smallest house, and with a ceiling height of just over 3 metres its certainly deserves its place among the shortest too. Amazingly, this tiny dwelling was still being lived in until 1990 by Robert Jones (incidentally, he was a whooping 6ft 3in!) until the council decided it was not fit for purpose. Now streams of visitors duck their heads to peer in wonder at the tiny space.

Most of us don’t have to worry about the height of our roofs, but if you are especially tall or short – the good news is, there is a perfectly proportioned property out there for you!


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