Roofing advice – can I have my roof replaced if there are birds nesting in my roof?

Birds nesting in the roof is a common issue affecting houses and commercial properties across the UK. Although this can be a pesky problem for owners and tenants, the decline in natural nesting sites has meant that roofs have become a safe retreat for species of conservation concern.

As such, careful consideration must be made prior to having any work done on your roof so as to not harm any active nests. Here, we will advise you on what action to take should you require roofing work carried out at your property when there are birds nesting there.

Q. I need to replace my roof this year and I’ve found a roofing contractor to do the work, however, we have discovered that there is an active nest in the roof. Can the work still go ahead?

A. Roofing work must always be avoided if you know there is an active nest in there, as this could potentially harm the birds and prevent parent birds from accessing their nests.

If renovation work is underway on your roof and an active nest is found during the process, you could create an artificial nest box and fix it as near to the original site as possible so the adult birds can continue to look after their young safely.

If possible, the best course of action would be to wait until the autumn/winter time before carrying out any work on your roof as this is when the birds are not nesting.

Q. I want to have my roof replaced but have found an active nest in there. Can I remove the nest myself?

A. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, all birds, their nest and eggs are protected by law, meaning it is an offence to damage or destroy an active nest. As such, disturbing a nesting site without a licence could result in a fine or custodial sentence, so you must not undertake this work yourself.

In some cases, bird nests can be removed if they are posing a threat to public health and safety, or may cause damage to a property. If you unsure about how to deal with birds nesting in your roof, you must contact your local council or a professional pest control company who can advise you on the best course of action.

Q. What issues can birds nesting in my roof cause?

A. From sparrows and feral pigeons to swifts and starlings, birds nesting in your roof can pose a plethora of problems:

Their droppings can create a major mess and cause damage to paintwork.
They can present a health risk to children and pets by carrying disease via their droppings and insects/external parasites, such as lice and fleas.
They can cause blockages in chimneys which can prevent proper ventilation of carbon monoxide from the property.
They can create a great deal of noise.

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