Why is it important to keep my guttering clean and maintained?

Whilst we all know the important role a roof plays in the overall functionality of a home, many of us are unaware of how the guttering actually works and why it is a crucial component in a roofing system. Although plastic guttering may seem like a cheap material which doesn’t require much thought, it actually does an incredibly important job in protecting the home from a multitude of problems. This article will look at the issues caused by having badly fitted or non-existent guttering, and why it is important to keep your gutters clean and maintained on a regular basis.

Penetrating damp

Following bouts of heavy rainfall, debris and water can collect in your gutters causing them to become blocked and overflowing. In turn, this can lead to penetrating damp in your roof, ceilings and walls which can be difficult to remove and costly to repair. Identifying and repairing a leaking gutter early is far easier and cheaper than treating penetrating damp, so it’s important to put the preventative measures in place to save yourself a large expense in the long run.

Signs and symptoms of penetrating damp include:

  • Watermarks and stains on masonry
  • Damaged, crumbly plaster
  • Mildew
  • Growing damp patches which do not dry out
  • Black mould
  • Musty smells
  • Drips

Roof leaks

The main purpose of guttering is to protect your home by channelling water away from your roof, however, a buildup of water or accumulation of debris in your guttering can cause your roof to leak. This can create major damage to the interior and exterior of your home which leads to very costly repairs the longer the problem is left to escalate. Regular cleaning and maintenance on your guttering system will ensure all blockages and debris are cleared, so your gutters can fulfill their function of keeping your roof free from water buildup.

Not only can blocked drains cause roof leaks, damaged or disconnected guttering can also allow water to leak through which can create pools of standing water around the foundations of your home, as well as flooding. Proper installation and repairs by a credible roofing company will ensure your guttering remains in full working order for many years to come, so you don’t need to suffer at the hands of poor practice.

Surface water draining into your basement, foundations or cellar

Downpipes are an important component of your guttering system as they allow the rainwater to disperse far enough away from your home without causing any damage. If the downpipes are fitted too close to your home, they can cause the water to leak into the basement, foundations or cellar which further increases the chance of damp developing.

As such, downpipes should extend 10 feet from your home to ensure there is plenty of clearance for the water to land away from your home.

Morgan Asphalte

With over 45 years of industry experience, here at Morgan Asphalte we provide a free, no obligation assessment service to determine the most suitable, affordable solution for your guttering issues. Whether you require guttering repairs or an entire replacement, our expert, experienced tradesmen use the highest quality materials for all work they carry out, ensuring you receive a durable, effective solution that will stand the test of time. To find out more about our guttering, fascias and soffits, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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