Chimney sculptures to blow your mind

Look up at the roofs around you and what do you notice?

Look up at the skyline, at the very apex of the roofs around you and what do you notice? - Chimneys. Those things that stick out right at the top of your house to vent your fires. Often forgotten about and overlooked, a chimney can be a thing of beauty. You just need to perceive them in a slightly different way. In the right hands, they are not just the vesicle of smoke and CO2  but sculptures of ingenuity and imagination to grace your roof space.

To whet your appetite for the chimneys around you, we’ve picked a few that we think showcase this art in the best way. Enjoy!

Chimney sculpturesCasa Mila, Barcelona

Chimney sculptures crafted by Gaudi at Casa Mila, Barcelona

Image © Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

Head to Casa Mila and you will spy a collection of different chimney sculptures, crafted by Gaudi.

Gaudi believes the roof of the building plays a huge part of the whole structure; to insulate, to provide light and ventilation. He made stairwells ventilation towers and chimneys, all with order, beauty and functionality in mind.

Smoke sculpture on chimneyOld Cotton Mill, Gorbals, Glasgow

Smoke sculpture on chimney Old Cotton Mill, Gorbals, Glasgow

Image ©

This old cotton mill was converted to offices in 1998 but the statue of fake smoke coming out of its’ chimneys was added to help remember its past life. Now it has become one of Glasgow’s tourists sights.

Chimney Sweeper Sculpture on roofOld town of Klaipeda, Lithuania

Chimney Sweeper Sculpture on roof Old town of Klaipeda, Lithuania

Image ©

Klaipeda is awash with sculptures. So much so that some people forget to look up. If you do take the time to cast your eye heavenward, you will spot this cheeky chap looking down from his chimney. There’s even a button on the wall below to rub for good luck.

Sculpture a chimney sweepHouse of Legends. Lviv, Ukraine

Sculpture a chimney sweep on the roof of the House of Legends in Lviv, Ukraine

Image ©

The House of Legend is a favourite spot for visitors and includes a walk up to the chimneys. Not only is there a spectacular view across the city but you get the company of the chimney swell sitting next to his chimney.

Chimney sweeper sculpturesThis statue in Riga, Latvia

Chimney sweeper sculptures

Image ©

This statue in Riga, Latvia deserves a mention in our line-up due to its skill and intricacy. Modelled on Varis Vicans, who was president of the Latvian Brotherhood of Chimney Sweeps, it’s castin bronze and shows the architecture of the time.

Dragon Chimney stack Hobbiton, Matamata, New Zealand

Dragon Chimney stack Hobbiton, Matamata, New Zealand

Image ©

Take a walk around Hobbiton and you may feel you are back in the Shires. But don’t expect Bilbo Baggins to appear at any point. Instead, enjoy such oddities as this intriguing chimney stack featuring an imposing dragon.

A final word...

Next time you are out and about, don’t forget to rais your eyes to the roofs around you as you may be missing a world of imagination and beauty. Are there any unknown chimney sculptures in your area? Keep your eyes peeled!

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