Could You Be A London Roofer?

It's not everyone’s cup of tea, but for some it's the perfect job

Crawling around on a roof all day, every day, is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those intrepid supermen of our skylines, it is the perfect job. Spending time outdoors enjoying enviable views that most other people don’t get to see is a major draw.

Yet it goes without saying that being a roofer is hard work. Do you have what it takes to take on this challenging yet rewarding career?

Let’s find out a bit more about it before you make your mind up!

So what’s the attraction?

We recently spoke to Keagan, a young roofing apprentice in London just starting off on his roofers’ career. We met-up (safely, outside from a 2 meter distance - thanks COVID!) when he was enjoying a well-deserved tea break safely on terra firma and asked him what had first attracted him to becoming a roofer.

What’s not to like?” he grins over his cup of tea.

There’s always a new challenge, we do so many different things, and work on some amazing buildings. Right now, we are working on this new build” he indicates the property behind him, “but only a couple of weeks ago we were restoring a listed building roof. It’s just really interesting, and never boring”.

How did you get into roofing?

I wanted a trade” he explains as he reaches for a Digestive.

“You’re never out of work when you have a trade! But I also wanted to specialise in some area rather than just be a jack of all trades. Then we had a careers day and a roofing company came to chat with us and I just thought – yes that sounds good!

Do you need a qualification?

A good roofing company should always be a member of trade associations, with certifications for ongoing training, skills and knowledge,” he tells us, looking serious for a moment.

Unfortunately, there are cowboys out there, so its important to know that your roofer knows what he is doing and has the qualifications to prove it. You don’t need any formal qualifications as such, but I would definitely recommend doing a Roofing Occupations Diploma when you are starting out.

How do you train?

I chose to learn while I earn, by doing an apprenticeship,” he says. “I’m learning on the job and getting paid, but I also get a qualification at the end of it. I could have chosen to go to college and do the same qualification, but –“ he turns to wink at one of his colleagues, “- I would have missed all the banter with these guys!”

What are the prospects?

He considers this question for a moment. “I could do more courses, maybe my Level 3, or even do specialist skills training in something like heritage construction. I could even start my own company eventually and give this lot a run for their money!” He laughs at his colleagues. “But right now, I’m just loving learning, and being outside and the great views. The other lads aren’t too bad company either!

Any advise for anyone thinking of becoming a roofer?

You do need to be fit,” he says. “It’s a physical job and during the summertime it can be a long day. Don’t consider it if you don’t like heights! Sometimes the weather can be a pain and stop you getting on, so there is some down time in the winter. You also need to be very aware as the health and safety is really important.” He puts down his cup and makes to get back to work. “But I love it, the views are great, and I’m outside rather than in an office, what’s not to love!

Could Keagan’s story be yours? If you are looking for a career that scales the heights of other industries, then maybe the top of our homes and properties could just be your natural environment!

Posted on 27 August 2020 in Roofing, News and tagged london roofing, roofing.

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