2018 RIBA Stirling Awards

Who will win UK architecture's highest accolade

The RIBA Stirling Awards are considered by architects to be the highest accolade given within the industry. Buildings that have already received a RIBA National Award are eligible, given to buildings that have “high architectural standards and substantial contribution to the local environment”.

From this long list 6 projects are short-listed for the prestigious RIBA Stirling Prize, the architectural equivalent of the Booker Prize founded in 1996. This prize is given to the architects who have designed the building thought to have given the largest impact to the development of the industry within the previous year. Although it carries no prize money, the high honor placed on the award is reward enough.

Although originally buildings across Europe were eligible, since 2015 only projects in the UK can be nominated. The quality of the buildings nominated demonstrates the strength, creativity, innovation and skills of UK architects, as well as outlining the continued collaboration between all stakeholders and partners involved in the process.

The RIBA 2018 Stirling Awards Shortlist

The 2018 short-list consisted of the following buildings:

The Winner

Although all six properties were outstanding, the coveted prize was unanimously awarded to Bloomberg by Foster & Partners. With its reputation of being the most sustainable office building globally, it fulfilled the criteria of “design vision, innovation, originality, capacity to stimulate, engage and delight occupants and visitors, accessibility and sustainability, how fit the building is for its purpose, and the level of client satisfaction”.

The Experience

One of the aspects the judges loved the most about the Bloomberg Building was not just the clever use of space and technology, but the overall experience it provides for staff and visitors alike, as well as passers-by. The two buildings feature a connecting bridge, as well as a pedestrian-only arcade running through the middle on the site of a forgotten Roman road. It’s also home to the Temple of Mithras and supporting museum.

Special features

The experience does not end there; the views from the roof-top concourse across St. Pauls wow from the outside, while the helix ramp within creates a unique work space abounding with energy. Mirrored artwork by Olafur Eliasson and timber shells create an intake of breath in the main entrance, while above millions of aluminum star-lights cleverly maintain sound, temperature and light.

See the Exhibitions Yourself

RIBA are hosting several events across the UK, allowing the public to view through images the 6 short-listed buildings. See the schemes at 66 Portland Place, London – 3 October to 9 November 208, before the exhibition moves to 66 RIBA North Liverpool from 16 November to 23 February 2019.

The Roofs of the RIBA 2018 Stirling Awards

Every part of the building is as essential as the next, and for the winning project the roof plays a major part. It is an integral part of the whole experience, providing a platform for users to gaze across the London vista and feel that sense of space that only a roof-top can give.

Of course, here at Morgan Asphalte we have never been shy of extolling the importance of roofs, and it seems the best architects in the UK agree with us!

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