Roofing Maintenance for Schools

Neglecting your school roof can become a dangerous, costly and inconvenient mistake.

Even a relatively small leak can manifest as a significant problem, leading to mould or foul odours that could have a detrimental effect on the health of those using the building, as well as being difficult to remedy.

More persistent leaks can lead to the contents of classrooms, gymnasiums and canteens being ruined; they can also lead to structural damage, which is hazardous to staff and students. Roof maintenance is often low on the list of priorities compared with other issues, such as plumbing, heating or décor, despite the roof being the building’s first line of defence against the elements all day, every day.

Inspecting Your Roof

Obviously it is important to inspect your roof on a regular basis. Whilst some roofs are easily accessible to the school maintenance team, others may benefit from an inspection by roofing professionals who will have access to equipment that will make this as safe as possible. The frequency of inspections will vary according to the age and type of roof, but twice yearly is generally considered wise. However, it is worth checking for damage following bouts of severe weather, and repairs should be checked more frequently to make sure they are stable.

What to Look For

When surveying the flat roof of a commercial building, it can be relatively easy to identify tears or cracking in the roof covering which will need prompt repairing before leaks occur and the underlying structure of the roof is compromised. Another sign that trouble could be ahead is water puddles on specific areas; this can cause damage because of the additional weight load.

Bubbling of the fabric covering the roof can be indicative of gaseous build-up caused when the insulation materials within the roof begin to break down, or may be due to trapped moisture. This can be professionally tested to determine the cause and prescribe a remedy.

It is important that flashing is free from breaks or tears as this can lead to leaks. Damaged flashing is particularly vulnerable to high winds that can get underneath and pull it away from the main structure. Skylights are also worthy of attention as cracks or damaged seals can lead to water seeping into the building.

A tiled roof also needs scheduled inspections to check for loose, cracked or damaged tiles that may need repairing or replacing.

Repair or Replace?

Whatever the construction of your roof, it is worth remembering that even the best repairs do not last forever, and a large number of repairs will compromise the roof’s effectiveness. The finite lifespan of a roof is generally less than that of the building, so at some point it may be safer and more economical to reroof the building. This may seem like a costly and inconvenient measure, but a scheduled refit will be far less expensive and disruptive than an unexpected failure of the roof.

Morgan Asphalte are on hand throughout the region to carry out repairs to all school roofing, working around you to ensure maximum convenience and efficiency. Get in touch today to find out more.

Posted on 15 July 2015 in Roof Maintenance.

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