How to Stop your Roof from Collapsing

Roofs can be at risk of collapsing, especially during the winter, and some homeowners may be caught unprepared. Consequently, it’s advisable to ensure that a roof is well maintained throughout the year, together with checking weather reports on a regular basis.

Concerning roof collapse, snow is often a major cause, as it can be surprisingly heavy once it starts to accumulate. In one square foot, for instance, dry snow can weigh up to 1.5kg. Whereas, also in an area of just one square foot, the combination of ice and snow can be considerably heavy at around 6kg. Wet snow is heavier still at 9.5kg for every square foot. For a roof of around 1,000 square feet, that can amount to 9,500kg of pressure on a roof. That’s the same as having 10 elephants on your roof, so it’s no surprise that some badly maintained roofs simply can’t take the strain!

Roof Drain Issues

Issues with roof drains can lead to roof collapse. If a drain is blocked, broken, or has been affected by freezing temperatures, then this can result in serious roof problems. Similarly, if a drain is blocked, then water can’t flow properly, so may stay on the roof, or, in the case of melting snow, freeze. Frozen ice means that your roof will become under great pressure because of the the marked increase in weight.

Types Of Roofs Most At Risk Of Collapse

Multi-level roofs are more prone to collapse, because snow can be blown off the upper roof and will then accumulate on the roof below. While flat roofs can be particularly at risk of water damage and subsequently a partial or total collapse.

How To Prevent Roof Collapse

There are a number of things that can be done to prevent roof collapse. Gutters and drains should be checked and cleared, when necessary. Also ensure that at the bottom of gutters and downspouts no snow has accumulated, and that there is a free flow of water. A variety of warning signs can also be detected indoors, include damaged wood joists or rafters and misshapen metal roof components.

Discuss with professional roofers, such as the experts at Morgan Asphalte, regarding the condition of your roof. If and when snow has pushed up your roof’s design strength by exactly 50%, then it’s time to utilise the services of professionals to take the snow off the roof. In all instances, whenever any roof repairs or renovations are required, professionals should be hired rather than attempting to carry out this type of work yourself.

Continue To Monitor The State Of Your Roof

After the winter has passed it still remains important to ensure that your roof is kept clean. Heavy snowfall or extreme weather can occur at unexpected times of the year, so it’s important to make sure that your roof is properly maintained and can cope with whatever Mother Nature may throw at it.

Morgan Asphalte are the leading providers of roof repairs and renovations throughout the London area. Our experts are fully qualified to work with all roof types, from aluminium to felt, slate to tiled. Get in touch today if you have concerns regarding your roof’s safety.

Posted on 30 July 2015 in Roof Safety.

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