The most common causes of roof damage

As the weather turns colder and wetter, there’s no better time than now to check you have a fully functioning roof above your head. Your roof may suffer from a host of problems throughout the year which can quickly worsen during the winter months, so it’s important to address such issues before they damage your roof beyond repair. This article will serve to explain the most common causes of roof damage in preparation for the winter.

1. Lack of maintenance

Carrying out regular inspections on your roof will help prevent any minor damage which can escalate into a major, costly problem to fix.
When checking the exterior, keep an eye out for:

    • Loose/missing nails or tiles
    • Holes
    • Cracks
    • Rotted areas

During the winter, any water which has managed to seep into cracks in the sealant will freeze and expand, causing the tiles to part from the roof – if this problem sounds familiar, it must be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent it from worsening.

While you are carrying out these checks, take a look inside your home at the ceilings and walls in the loft for any obvious leaks or gaps where water can filter in.

2. Storms

Heavy rainfall, hail and intense winds during the summer/autumn months can cause minor damage to your roof which, if left unaddressed, can quickly become a much bigger problem by winter. The impact of hail pounding on your roof can cause the tiles to crack which, in turn, will allow water to seep under the sealant and rot or warp the wood underneath.

Common roofing problems caused by stormy weather are slipped, dislodged or missing roof tiles which have been unable to withstand the intense winds. This problem can be easily rectified if caught early, however if broken or missing tiles are left in such a state during the winter it can cause major damage to both the interior of your home and the roof itself.

3. Debris in the gutter

The main purpose of your guttering system is to direct water away from your roof to prevent it from becoming waterlogged. However, damaged or clogged gutters will cause a major buildup of water on your roof which will weaken the roofing materials, resulting in leaks and rotting.

If you suspect that your roof may need repairing, the best course of action is to get in touch with a professional roofing company who will carry out any remedial work safely. Here at Morgan Asphalte, we offer a high quality roofing repairs service which covers a variety of faults and issues on a range of roofing materials.

Whether your gutters need cleaning or a leak in your roof needs to be repaired, our expert tradesmen have the skill and equipment to provide the highest standard of work. Serving both the commercial and private sectors, we can help whatever the issue or type of property. Simply contact our expert team today to learn more about how you can benefit from our services.

Posted on 05 November 2015 in Roof Maintenance.

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