What Are Velux Windows?

When fitting a new window, especially in a loft conversion, the first name that springs to mind is Velux. They are the market leaders, having a long established reputation for quality windows. Many people will immediately think of the standard central pivot, swing opening Velux window. These are currently the most popular window on the market, but nowadays there are a whole host of styles and types of window and skylight available. They are equally at home in the modern home, or an old style period property.

Velux windows can be fitted in either a pitched or flat roof. Many types of covering are now available to adorn the window. Windows, roller shutters and sun screens can now be remote controlled, making the once cumbersome process of opening and closing the out of reach roof window much easier. No more standing on a chair or hooking a long pole into the window catch, times have moved on! Now the windows are not only modern in appearance, but Velux can fit thermal solar panelling on the roof to reduce energy usage and save money. This is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Some of the principal benefits of Velux windows are the amount of light they add to a room – very appropriate for loft conversions where light is at a premium. By adding natural, instead of artificial light, they create an airy feeling to the room. This allows you to transform a loft into a usable space, not only giving you additional living space but adding value to your house. Furthermore, the windows can be double glazed, a must these days to save on energy costs, but also to add acoustic insulation to reduce the sounds of passing traffic. The energy efficiency of a Velux window is purported to be 60% heat retention in winter, whilst reflecting 60% in summer.

Loft conversions have to incorporate safety features as part of the building regulations. It is common to have to have an emergency exit and entrance as part of the requirements, usually in the form of an escape window. Velux provide a special window to meet this requirement, which can be fitted as a roof light. Vertical and roof windows can be combined to create a striking wall of glass, extending the views and maximising the natural light. They can be fitted with toughened glass, therefore proving added security and protection from the weather. A Velux window can be installed without the need for planning permission, as the window fits flush to the roofline.

As Velux windows are mostly seen in pitched roofs, it is subsequently a common assumption that they are not suitable for installation in a flat roof. This is not correct, as there is a specific range designed specifically for this purpose.

Posted on 24 September 2013 in Roof Windows.

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