The Top Five Myths of Roof Cleaning

When it comes to roofs, like any part of your home, they have a habit of getting dirty. Moss, algae and lichen are common causes of an unsightly roof, but for many homeowners the concept of professional roof cleaning is an unfamiliar one, with relatively few people investing in this affordable service to give their properties a fresh image. Public misunderstanding about the problems affecting roofs hardly helps. So to set the record straight here is the truth about the top five myths about roof cleaning:

Myth 1: Roof algae and moss is simply unsightly and can be ignored.

Both the algae that leave unpleasant stains all over your roof and the green or black moss which forms clumps on your tiles simply love the moisture that can be found on top of your home and will continue to reproduce unabatedly if not stopped in their tracks. What is more they are quite partial to the additives which are used when roof tiles, shingles and slates are manufactured, so will munch away quite happily while you avert your eyes and pretend that you can’t see the horrible mess they are making.

Roof tiles that are damaged fail to resist the sun’s UV rays effectively, so the internal temperature of your home will rise, especially in the loft. If this isn’t bad enough, the thought of roofing repairs or even a brand new roof can dip into your bank account sooner than you expected; which might convince you that ignoring algae and moss is not the best idea. A professional roof clean will remove the offending organisms quite easily.


Myth 2: A roof covered in algae needs replacing.

On the whole this certainly isn’t true. Algae or moss on the roof does need to be removed but, unless significant damage has been exacted on the tiles, the entire structure

doesn’t need to go too. Of course, some unscrupulous roofers may advise for the replacement of the roof, but a proper clean at a much cheaper price will usually be sufficient.


Myth 3: Only the stained tiles need to be cleaned.

In the earliest stages of an algae infestation, the signs are pretty difficult to see and you may assume that some parts of your roof are unaffected. However, the ugly yellow and black stains that you wish to have cleaned are actually caused by algae that have been present for some time. It is almost certain that the rest of the roof is also covered in this irritating microorganism, even if you can’t see the damage. An entire clean is certainly the best solution.


Myth 4: I can clean the roof myself!

Okay, we may be in hard-pressed times, but roof cleaning is one job that no DIY fanatic should attempt. Not only is working at height extremely dangerous for obvious reasons, but few homeowners have the necessary equipment or chemicals in the back of their shed to obtain the quality clean that a professional company can achieve. Definitely one to leave to the experts.


Myth 5: Roof cleaning isn’t worth the expense.

Do remember that having your roof cleaned isn’t like asking a cleaner to pop round and give your fireplace a polish. With higher costs incurred by working at height, purchasing chemicals to bring your roof to life and operating and servicing specialist machinery, the price of a complete roof clean may appear to compare unfavourably. But remember that not only will your property be given an instant cosmetic improvement, you will also be adding years to its lifespan – and that brings important cost savings in the long term!

Posted on 19 June 2013 in Roof Cleaning.

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