Most Common Winter Roofing Problems

The wintertime is the worst time of the year for roofing problems. Though the colder weather can cause roof-related issues there are a number of ways that these issues can be prevented or addressed.

Ice-Related Issues

Icicles can be particularly problematic when their accumulated weight starts putting pressure on the gutters and roof. As a precautionary measure it’s always a good idea to clear out your gutters during the autumn, when falling leaves, twigs, and other debris will start to build up. This can be a greater problem if heavy rain can’t flow through a gutter because it’s blocked. But, in the winter, there may be the dual problem of blockages and an increase in weight on a roof and the gutters due to ice.

It is possible to have snow swept off your roof and your guttering, but, because of the dangerous nature of this job, it should be done by professionals only. Gutter covers can also be placed over guttering as a preventative measure, so that debris and ice won’t be an issue in the future.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are quite a common problem for homeowners during the colder months. An ice dam develops as a result of ice accumulating on the roof itself, or beneath the shingles. A dam is then created through ice, because water can’t run off the roof but becomes backed up beneath the shingles. One problem that can emerge when an ice dam has been created is that of indoor leaking. When this happens the issue will need to be dealt with quickly, and professionals can do this for you. Any attempt to get rid of the ice dam by a homeowner is not advisable, as the roof could end up getting damaged.

An ice dam can develop because of a variety of reasons. These include a ceiling not being insulated properly, poor attic ventilation, and both sunny and cold days. As well as better insulation and ventilation, stopping the emergence of an ice dam can be achieved through air leaks being sealed between a roof and an attic. Roof insulation, and making sure that your ceiling is air tight, are also important considerations.

Tackling Condensation

Another typical problem concerning roofs in winter is that of condensation. A vapour retarder is one way that this issue can be effectively tackled, with warm air being trapped and unable to impact on the bottom of the roof deck. Another solution is the installation of a ventilation system, which will subsequently enhance air flow.

Early Identification Of Possible Issues

The winter will normally be the busiest time of the year for roofers. Because conditions are often harsh, repairing roof problems will tend to take longer than they would do during milder times of the year. For this reason it makes sense to have your roof inspected during milder weather, so that any problems can be identified early. A weak roof, for instance, could collapse in the winter if the weight of snow is heavy enough.

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Posted on 11 October 2023 in Roofing.

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