How to give your Roof more Kerb Appeal

Whether you’re planning to sell your house in the near future or simply love it looking in perfect condition, kerb appeal is important. There are many ways that a homeowner can improve the kerb appeal of their property – essentially, how it is viewed by others driving past – from the colour of the front door to the condition of the window frames.

Too often, however, householders overlook the need to maintain the roof of their home, assuming that it can’t be seen easily and therefore won’t affect the kerb appeal of the property. As well as being an eyesore, a roof which is badly maintained can cause an array of problems, from unwanted leaks to loose tiles – the outcome of which could be an unpleasant assault on your wallet if not dealt with promptly.

Moss isn’t just unsightly

Roof moss is a common problem but its existence isn’t simply a case of bad aesthetics – it can actually cause significant damage to flat roofs and tiles. Moss initially gathers in damp spots on a roof, such as where tiles overlap or on the flashing strips around chimneys but, as a rootless plant, it can be dislodged easily by wind, rain or hungry birds. Loose moss will either fall to the ground (where you’ll spend valuable time clearing it up) or, more commonly, will enter the gutters, eventually blocking them and causing overflows during wet weather.

If left untreated on the surface of a roof, moss will absorb and retain water, stopping the roof from drying out properly, leading to rapid deterioration of the roof material or causing tiles to become more porous – with cracked tiles in winter a possible consequence.

If you’re considering selling your home, prompt removal of roof moss is highly recommended, as the surveyor’s report is almost certain to highlight it as a problem.

Damaged roof tiles are an easy fix

It’s easy to forget how roof tiles change over time and, if your home was constructed decades ago, the chances are that the tiles have discoloured significantly since they were installed. With constant exposure to sun, rain and frost, tiles rarely discolour evenly, leading to a patchwork effect that is unsightly yet easily rectified.

New roof tiles will give your home a complete facelift as well as meaning any hidden problems in the existing tiling will be addressed at the same time. Buyers will be more likely to consider your property for purchase as an old roof could potentially mean more costly maintenance in future.

Unless you are making changes to the shape of the roof itself, more than likely you won’t need planning permission, as changing a roof covering is normally classed as ‘permitted development’ (but check with your local authority first to be sure).

At Morgan Asphalte, we can rectify the roof problems that threaten to damage your property’s kerb appeal. Whatever type of roof you have, our professional repairs will help to prevent more costly maintenance and inconvenience in future. Our highly skilled and trained tradesmen will ensure you receive a first-class service which delivers only the highest standard of work, helping to give your home the kerb appeal it deserves.

Posted on 23 April 2015 in Roofing.

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