The Green Deal: What you need to Know07 May 2013

Energy efficiency and improving environmental practices are at the forefront of the collective consciousness today, and new ways to increase green credentials and standards are being developed year on year.

The Green Deal:

One such initiative, the government-backed ‘Green Deal’, aims to encourage homes and businesses to make environmentally friendly alterations to buildings. In effect, the deal offers property owners access to green technology with no initial cost, allowing them to pay for the changes through savings made on energy bills over an allotted period. Unlike other debts, repayments for the Green Deal stay with the property in which the alterations were made, as opposed to with the individual. This is to encourage people to take advantage of the initiative even if they are not planning to stay long in their current residence.

The Green Deal offers a wide range of services for those looking to improve the environmental efficiency of their home or business, all installed by registered Green Deal providers, which fall into three categories:

Power Generators:

There are a number of products available through the initiative that concern the generation of power in a green way. These include solar photovoltaics to harness the sun’s energy, micro wind turbines, ground and air source heat pumps, and many more.


Perhaps the simplest and most effective energy saving technique, insulation improves both heat retention and soundproofing in any property. The Green Deal offers supply and installation of double glazed windows, cavity wall insulation for roofs, lofts and external walls, hot water cylinder insulation, draught proofing and much more.

Energy Saving Devices:

This category could also be entitled ‘miscellaneous’, as it contains a varied range of different items that can improve your green credentials. From shower heat recovery pipes that use warm waste water to heat cold mains water heading to your boiler, to things as simple as energy saving LED light bulbs or under-floor heating, these are a range of small and expertly designed products to help save both your wallet and the environment.

Other Important Information:

The overriding, “Golden Rule” of the Green Deal is that all properties applying must be able to pay back the installation costs through energy bill savings within a maximum of 25 years. It also dictates that all work is carried out by a properly assessed and registered Green Deal installer, ensuring that neither party involved in the agreement end up out of pocket.

The private rental sector is an area that can benefit largely from the Green Deal, with obvious advantages for both landlords and tenants. However, the consent of both will be needed to go ahead with any work. Those tenants on benefits of any kind or who are residing in older properties may be eligible for extra financial assistance, though this is determined on a case by case basis.


For more information, visit the Green Deal website.

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