Fixing Broken Guttering in Hard-to-Reach Places

As the primary layer of protection between you and the elements, your roof is priority number one when it comes to home maintenance and repairs.

This applies to all components of your roof, from shingles to chimney stacks – and guttering is no exception.

Some gutter repairs are simply a case of getting out a secure ladder and a few tools and sorting it out for yourself. However, most will necessitate the assistance of professional roofers, especially if the location of the broken guttering is particularly difficult to access. As with nearly all roof repairs, fixing damaged gutters shouldn’t be something done by inexperienced persons, so get in touch with a good quality roofing company, such as Morgan Asphalte, when you require roofing repairs of any variety.

Importance of Gutter Repairs

Whether it’s the seams of an aluminium gutter leaking water, a section of pipework that has cracked from the build-up of a blockage, or a system broken by strong winds or flying debris; damaged guttering can cause a number of headaches for your home.

With rain water not properly being diverted away from your home, over time this could compromise walls, fascias and soffits, as well as leading to water ingress that causes damp and mould.

Any timber that’s part of the structure of your home is exposed to the dangers of rot, and brickwork can erode over time if it comes into contact with running water on a regular basis.

Impaired guttering can also be an eyesore from ground level – even more so if it is made from old-style cast iron pipes that can rust easily. Plastic guttering can become warped and faded, having a detrimental effect on the aesthetic of your home.

Professional Roofers

Damaged guttering that is particularly hard to reach requires the assistance of professionals – especially when it means clambering over roofs or potentially on top of a conservatory with a glass roof.

As with most home improvement work, selecting the right roofing company is a matter of research. Get quotes, information about the work and references where possible from three or four different companies, and don’t always go with the cheapest option.

Professional roofers, such as Morgan Asphalte, will be able to carry out thorough repairs on all guttering, whether the issue is warped, cracked, sagging or aging gutters, or a downpipe that has come loose from the wall.

Where necessary, installation of new drainpipes will be performed – especially where outdated cast iron guttering is still in place.


Morgan Asphalte have over 45 years of experience in carrying out the highest quality roofing repairs and installation across London and the South East. Whatever the problem with your roof, fascias, soffits or guttering, our expert team are on hand to provide full repair and maintenance work on all roof types, including asphalt, felt, slate, tiled, lead, liquid, aluminium and single ply systems.

Get in touch today for first rate guttering repairs in the Wimbledon, Chelsea, Kensington, Wandsworth and wider London areas.

Posted on 14 August 2014 in Roof Leaks.

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