How Dangerous is Roofing?

DIY is on the increase in the UK, with many people choosing to take on home improvements themselves.

Reasons for this can vary from wanting to add value before selling to general property maintenance, and at the heart of DIY is of course the desire to save money by ‘doing it yourself’.


If you have the time and skills to do work on your own property, it can without a doubt save you money, but there are some jobs that you should definitely leave to the professionals. People have no problems calling in expert help for work such as plumbing and electrical, so why would your roof be different?

Everybody knows that it is important to maintain your roof, but how dangerous is roofing? Many people don’t realise that roofing is amongst the most hazardous jobs around the home, simply because there are so many ways in which it can go wrong. Climbing ladders and working at heights are a recipe for disaster if you don’t possess the skills or knowledge to complete the job safely. So before attempting DIY roof repairs or renovation, think carefully about whether it is worth the risk to save a few pounds.

Improper Repair

Professional roofers not only have experience and training, but safety equipment such as harnesses that your average homeowner will not possess. Climbing a ladder may seem like a simple task but it is one of the biggest causes of DIY injuries in the UK. On top of that, working at height and on a sloping roof is extremely difficult. If you were to slip and fall you could be injured or worse, resulting in pain and time off work.

How would you feel if you repaired your own roof only to find that it leaked, potentially damaging parts of your home? Roofing is a skill that professionals take a long time to perfect. You should think carefully about whether you really possess the skill to properly repair your roof, as it could be a costly mistake.

Quality of Materials

Professional roofers have access to trade quality materials that are not available at your average DIY store. These materials will be stronger and longer lasting, so it is wise to ask yourself whether you will really be saving money if your roof repair or maintenance does not last as long.

Roofing is a dangerous profession requiring dedicated skill and knowledge. While DIY can be great for many jobs around the home, is it really worth endangering your personal safety and the quality of your roof to save money? If you are inexperienced a DIY roofing job can be a personal and financial disaster, so don’t take the risk and leave this job to the professionals.

Written by Morgan Asphalte, the leading providers of roofing services in the Wimbledon and wider London area for over 45 years. Don’t risk carrying out roofing work and repairs yourself, you not only run the risk of making the issue worse, but can severely endanger your well-being.

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Posted on 10 November 2014 in Roofing.

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