Consider these Upgrades when Re-Roofing your House

Re-roofing your home is a cost-effective way to enhance the look of the property and increase its value.

Most new roofs nowadays come with a 50 year guarantee and consist of high quality materials. If your roof is over 20 years old, you may want to consider upgrading it by using better quality and energy-efficient materials. There are many advantages to upgrading your roof, some of which are mentioned below:

Energy Saving Insulation

Most modern roof constructions no longer have fiberglass wool insulation, as it has now been replaced by PIR foam. This energy-efficient type of insulation is 10mm thick so it makes sense to upgrade your old insulation in the loft while re-roofing.

A fully insulated roof has many benefits, such as keeping the rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You will also lower your heating bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Eave Flashing

If you have ever experienced water leaking from your roof, you may want to invest in installing eave flashing when re-roofing your home. These membranes are peel-and-stick and can be applied by roofers before shingling on the outer wall plane of the roof. They form a watertight seal in the areas that are susceptible to leaks.

Rotted eave boards are caused by moisture due to faulty roof drainage. The best way to resolve this problem is to install L-shaped metal sheets that lap over the eaves’ edges. This method will promote better roof drainage and prevent rainwater from penetrating into the wooden beams.

Loft Ventilation

Lofts can get as hot as ovens in the summer if they are not well ventilated. The uncomfortable heat will then radiate through to the rooms below the loft, making them unbearably hot. To prevent your home from overheating, install ridge vents across your roof beneath the cap shingles. Soffit vents draw cooler air into the loft while expelling hot air at the same time. A well-ventilated loft means your home will be much more comfortable during the hot summer months.

Energy-Efficient Shingle

Energy-efficient shingles are made from different materials and come in many colours. These types of shingles heat up less than asphalt ones, thus keeping your home cooler. It is recommended to opt for light-coloured shingles with wood tones, as they are more aesthetically appealing than white shingles. As an alternative, you may have solar shingles installed that consist of second-generation photovoltaic cells. These films look similar to normal shingles but are connected to an inverter which allows the homeowner to convert solar energy into electricity.

Low-Maintenance Gutters

While having your property re-roofed, it is a good idea to remove your old gutters and install new ones. There are gutter systems with built-in hoods that are maintenance free. These gutters allow rainwater to flow down the curved hood without over-spilling. This prevents leaves from clogging up the gutters so you won’t have to climb up the ladder in order to clean them. The gutter’s screen keeps debris out and is considered as a permanent solution for preventing the build-up of leaves. The single-piece, seamless gutters can withstand heavy downpours and are available in many colours. You can choose a colour that complements your roofing and defines the roof eaves. Although you will need to invest a little more initially, the savings you make are worth the investment as these gutters come with a lifetime warranty.

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Posted on 01 December 2014 in Roofing.

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