The Most Common Roofing Questions Answered

Without expert knowledge, understanding the health of your roof and any issues it may be suffering, as well as the right and wrong way to go about rectifying them, can be a confusing and potentially dangerous process.

Here are a few FAQs to hopefully shed some light on some of the more common problems…

Q: When does my Asphalt Roof need Replacing?

A: There are visible indicators that an asphalt shingle roof needs looking at by a professional with a view to replacing it, but the biggest clue is in its age. Any asphalt roof that’s more than 20 years old is likely to be past its best and in need of a refit. Other clues include missing, curled up or visibly damaged shingles, sunlight entering your attic through small holes in the flashing (check from the inside with the lights off) or any internal water damage – particularly after periods of sustained rain.

Using binoculars to inspect your roof from ground level is safer than getting up there on a ladder, and any issues you discover should immediately facilitate a call to Morgan Asphalte. Our experts specialise in the fitting, repair and replacement of asphalt roofs.

Q: How do I Spot a Cowboy Roofer?

A: Unfortunately, as with most trades, the roofing industry is rife with chancers looking to make a quick profit with substandard or unnecessary work. Always check identification and credentials, looking up references and testimonials online if possible, and be wary of doorstop callers who claim to have spotted “serious issues” with your roof as they were passing by. Other things that should ring alarm bells are contractors that insist on cash payment, particularly upfront, those that can’t provide you with an office landline number and address, and any discount on materials that look inadequate to do the job.

Call on roofing companies with a trusted reputation and experience. Morgan Asphalte have over 45 years in the industry, and are known across the South East for performing the highest standard of work every time.

Q: What is ‘Flashing’?

A: If you hear a roofer talking about the flashing on your roof, they are simply referring to the material that’s used to stop water ingress around the joints of your roof – notably around any dormer windows, in any dips and valleys, and around the edges of the chimney. Flashing is usually made from aluminium or steel, and should be fitted at the same time as the rest of the roof is installed to protect from leaks and water damage.

Q: Can Anyone Fit a Metal Roof?

The simple answer to this is: no. Or, not unless you plan to suffer from leaks or put your life at risk scrabbling around on a pitched roof. Utilising the services of aluminium roofing experts, such as Morgan Asphalte, is the only way to ensure that your sheets are installed correctly – particularly in the tricky areas around chimneys and windows – by trained and qualified roofers.

Q: Does my Roof need Insulating?

Put simply: yes. A large amount of heat and energy lost in a house is through the roof, and taking the time to correctly insulate yours not only keeps your home warm, it can also save you hundreds on your energy bills. Roof insulation should be carried out by professionals to ensure that sufficient ventilation is allowed and no damage is incurred by your roofline. Morgan Asphalte are highly experience roofing insulators, providing the service alongside our repair and replacement work.

These are just a few of the frequently asked questions regarding roofing. Should you have any that aren’t covered here, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professionals at Morgan Asphalte. We’re on hand to offer advice about our range of high quality services, from roof installation and repair to guttering and other roofline products.

Posted on 01 May 2014 in Roofing.

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