Why Choose Liquid Roofing?

The range of different roofing types available offers a large amount of choice for property owners, depending on the requirements of the building, from felt to asphalt; aluminium to lead.

Although not strictly a structural roofing material, liquid plastic roofing provides yet another avenue for developers and contractors to go down, offering a huge range of advantages. So what is liquid plastic roofing, and how can it benefit you?


On a fundamental level, liquid plastic roofing is essentially a covering for existing roof types. Coating all types, including flat, pitched and dome-shaped roofs, the liquid plastic is formed from a fully bonded base (often polyurethane or acrylic) and forms a membrane over the existing roof.

The most obvious advantage of this is the waterproofing attributes the coating brings. The roof becomes watertight immediately after the first use, and the coating can even be applied during periods of heavy rain. The membrane can last for anywhere between 5 and 30 years, depending on purpose and environment, proving a durable waterproofing option. UV resistant coatings can also be applied if required.

Cost Efficient

This last point also helps to demonstrate the cost-efficiency of liquid plastic roofing. Because of the added robustness the coating provides to a roof’s external area, liquid plastic can be used in place of a number of costly repairs or extensive replacements. As it can be used across an entire roof or simply one particular area that needs attention, no money is wasted on excess materials or work when maintaining and repairing a roof in this way.

The nature of the application of liquid plastic roofing also means that repair work can now be carried out without any disruption to the inhabitants of the property. This is particularly useful in a commercial environment, as no downtime will have to be suffered and revenue will be unaffected.

Safety is another benefit of applying liquid plastic roofing. Unlike with many other roofing materials, such as asphalt or felt, the liquid coating can be applied cold, drastically reducing the risk of any fires breaking out during the laying process.

High Quality

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) have long-since awarded liquid roofing solutions with quality assurance approvals (dating back to the mid-1970s), so you can be sure that the materials used in the coatings are of a high performance standard. Here at Morgan Asphalte, we offer first rate liquid plastic roofing systems across the London area, calling on 45 years of experience in the industry to ensure the highest quality performance every time.

So if your roof is in need of repair and you need a cost-effective, durable solution that keeps your roof watertight, call on Morgan Asphalte today for the best liquid roofing systems available.

Posted on 03 January 2014 in Roofing.

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